Privacy Statement


Last updated: June 18th, 2017

Golden Orange Publishers, The Netherlands.


In brief

We (Golden Orange Publishers) do not gather or store any personal information about you, other than the information you expressly provide.

We do not sell and will never sell personal information.

When you visit the website you are anonymous to us. Even when you make yourself known by sending us an email, leaving your email address when posting on a forum, or applying for a newsletter, you will continue to use the website in anonimity.


Golden Orange Publishers does nothing out of the ordinary with your personal information and we will never sell your personal information. We treat all personal information as confidential. We act in accordance to the Dutch Privacy Laws (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens) which are in line with the EU Privacy Regalations.


This website uses cookies. Cookies are small files our website stores on your computer. Our website can access these cookies again, when you return for another visit to our website.

Functional Cookies

These cookies ensure the proper functioning of the website. For instance to remember the settings of your preferences.

When we use such functional cookies they are not related to your person, but related to the browser and the computer you are using.

Analytical Cookies

These cookies enable us to understand how the visitors of our website actually use the site. To this end we place analytical cookies. Our analytics software, running on our own server, presents us anonomised statistical insights by masking your full IP address.

Other Cookies

These are cookies that can be used to monitor and track your surfing behavior across multiple websites and thus facilitate profiling your preferences. Tracking-cookies and retargeting-cookies come into this category.

We do not use any cookies that are aimed at identifying or tracking you.

If you use one of the share buttons on our website, or visit our facebook page, the social media site you have chosen may place a cookie on your computer. Please read the privacy statement of the social media websites you use to learn what data they gather and to what end.

Turning-off and deleting cookies

You can use your browser settings to turn-off and to delete cookies. Check your browser help function on how to do this.


Golden Orange Publishers does not gather or store any personal information on you, unless you expressly provide such information to us. You can visit our website in complete anonymity.

Gathered Personal Information

When you, as a user of our website, contact us through email, we will store the contact information you have provided us. When you post on a forum on our website or subscribe to a newsletter we will also store the personal information you provided to us. And that’s all.

Purpose of gathered personal information

We use the gathered information to contact you, to answer your questions, and to provide you with the services you have requested. You will only receive a newsletter if you have subscribed to it and when you unsubscribe we will delete your contact information.

Sharing information with third-parties

We will not make any personal information public. When you post a message on a forum we will publish the message-text and the name you have provided, but we will not publish your email address.

We do not pass your personal information on to any third party, unless we are legaly obliged to do so, or unless Golden Orange Publishers in its entirety, or the activity of managing the passionatefood websites specifically, is transferred to another legal entity, e.g. in case of a reorganisation or take-over.

When chosing our suppliers who take part in processing your personal information (for instance the website hosting provider), we ensured they only process and store data within the EU or within EU recognised Safe Harbors.

Your Rights

You have the right to see, rectify and request removal of your personal information. As a user of our website, we do not have any personal information of you other than the information you have expressly provided to us by email or by posting on our website.